Different Types of SEO and its importance

The SEO is of four types and all of them are aimed to help you earn good visibility in the search results namely, White, black, grey, and negative SEO. The main difference is to taken into consideration the time, risk, cost, and value.

Black Hat

Black hat SEO will reach you faster. It usually costs less as it is about taking shortcuts and it goes against the Google webmaster Guidelines.  The black hat tactics of SEO in the guidelines inform that you should not do. They carry the risk that your content or website will be banned or demoted next time in its ranking algorithm. Black hat SEO is a high risk value that cannot be sustained.

White Hat

The techniques of White hat SEO are the ones that adhere to guidelines. It takes longer time and costs more. The white hat SEO, on the upside carries far lesser risk and delivers compounding and lasting value over time. The respected content and SEO marketing companies recommend tools and techniques of white hat SEO.

Grey Hat

Grey hat SEO falls in the middle are not specifically following the Google’s Guidelines. There is a need to be cautious in following this path. A particular technique is not mentioned or labeled as deceptive and also does not put one into trouble, does not negatively interfere with rankings.

Webmasters spending their energies uphold the basic principles and offer better user experience. It also enjoys better ranking to those spending their time as they keep looking for ways to exploit such as loopholes. Grey hat SEO is in between and is regarded to be risky. They encourage visitors and attract attention to a webpage that does not offer value, content, spun, pay for review, and link exchanges.

Negative SEO refers to implementing grey or black hat SEO techniques on the website of someone else. This is done aiming to harm. Harming competitors allow moving in the search results, but these are practices focus on building undesirable or natural links to the website of a competitor, posting negative reviews, stealing content, or hacking site by modifying the content.

Types of SEO include:

On and Off-Page SEO

The on-page SEO concentrates on the content and website. The aim is to ascertain search engines and to understand the content. Primarily, the on-page SEO helps visitors and Google decide about the relevance of the content and includes tags, Meta descriptions, headings, images, urls, paragraphs, etc.

Off-page SEO centers on backlinks and online as external ranking signals. Assuming relevant content helps Google in deciding in search results the position.