Is your data secure and what is the role of the keys?

Data stored is in an encrypted form always in the cloud and it would be cracked prior to intruder reads the information. Cloud storage is common, while there is increasing concern about data security.

 Schools and Companies have been increasing for sometime their use of services such as Google Drive, and individual users in lots store files on Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Drive, etc. They are surely concerned about keeping private the information and many more in millions of numbers are users storing more data online, if they are assured of its security.

 Data stored in an encrypted form in the cloud varies among the storage services as the key to the encryption varies. Adding to this, there are simple ways the users can promote their data security beyond the built into systems.

 Who holds the keys?

The cloud storage systems encode the data of the users with a particular encryption key. The files look gibberish without the cloud storage system and do not appear as meaningful data.

 People are concerned about protecting their private data. Many governments, at the same time block websites that they want to stop access.

 But who holds the key? It may be stored by the service or by individual users. The services mostly retain the key to themselves, while they allow their systems to process and see user data, so that it is helpful for future searches. These have access to the key as a user logs with a password and data unlocking allows the person to use it. Actually this is convenient than having the users to hold the keys by themselves.

Security Laptop

 It is less secure, because if someone finds the key, it may be misused or stolen without the knowledge of the data owner. There may be some services having flaws such that they leave the data of the users vulnerable.

 Users keep control

A few cloud services that are less popular include SpiderOak and Mega, while the users need to download and upload files through client applications that are service –specific, while it is expected to include encryption functions. This is an extra step that allows the users to keep the keys of encryption to themselves. However, for additional security, it is best that the users let go some functions such as searching from the cloud-stored files. However, there is a possibility that the own apps may be hacked or compromised such that an intruder reads your files before they are encrypted for uploading or after it is downloaded and decrypted.