Officers Leverage Technology to support community

Officers Leverage the Police Technology to support community

 In the recent few years, the policing technology has seen a great transformation. The officers are leveraging for community policing their technology and the advantage is that there are other tools available to promote the communities safety.

 People from 1990s may find the modern police office different. This is because the now police officer’s dress differently and are gadgetry adorned appearing as though they have come from some science fiction movie.

 The Google Glasses to translation devices and fingerprint handheld scanners, the community police officers are leverage technology offering real-time information about that they see and pass. The slimmer Smartphone’s have taken the place of bulky PDAs and now the community feed officers pass on critical information aiming to serve better and protect communities. These technological advancements are used for community policing.

 Social media role

The technology of Smartphone helps the community officers in engaging better with communities through the platforms of social media such as Facebook. There is no doubt that social media plays a crucial role in amassing intelligence. There are numerous cases relaying information through Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube and this has resulted in crimes preventing successful prosecutions. One point that is a big issue with social media is that it is noisy and gets flooded with unrelated commentaries that must be filtered out prior to extracting useful data.

 Overcoming this issue is important and the police departments have launched tip texting anonymous platforms. These are concentrated platforms enabling residents to report safety concerns and crimes anonymously through SMS. The community officers view on their Smartphone the tips through a web-based console and in real time respond or even check if the resident requires assistance or further information. These tips facilitate getting collated for analysis at a command point and also for the community policing future planning.

 Better Information ensures more community safety

The Google Glasses adoption in the United States by police departments is restricted due to the devices cost and privacy concerns. Thus, the substitutes that are regarded appropriate is the cameras an acceptable solution that is a platform for communication management integrating with the 911 Smart System. This provides detailed information of the dispatchers about making emergency calls such that it may be forwarded to community officers.

 The Smart911 system benefits is that it provides information regarding the identity of the caller, based on the entered data by the caller and also includes information of the property, the access points and location. The safety profile of the caller includes information such as mobility and health issues used by the community officers so that they respond best to the emergency on arrival.