Learn the importance of SEO Small Tools

In this advanced technology age, SEO is important. SEO is crucial for online business and every website as it drives onto the site your target audience. A website featuring good SEO will rank in the search results and will be visible to users in millions. Getting web traffic also means acquiring popularity and income to the company. Thus, making your site search engine optimization ready helps in getting more traffic and leads to more revenues.

 There is a need for small SEO tools as it collects required information for the SEO and helps in optimizing the content. If you wish to analyze contents, ensure it is SEO appropriate. It should be free and functional such that the site supports SEO really well.

 The prominent features along with their function include:

Plagiarism checker

SEO tool plagiarism checker is capable of searching through documents such that it is scattered out. It tries to find the contents matching your content. The tool is straightforward and it is mandatory as search engines dislike plagiarized content and the website ranks are demoted, such that you never would want it.

 Article Rewriter

Another small SEO tool is the article rewriter. This is a free tool and rewrites automatically an article as per your preferences. You may write your thoughts, but when your deadlines are not flexible and it is a marketing content, this tool is best for paraphrasing.

 Keyword position checker

This is a tool to understand the positions in the search engines of your keywords ranking. Enter the domain name, the choicest search engine, the keyword and click on ‘check position’. It is nice to know about the website position as you can accordingly prepare a SEO plan.

 Grammar Checker

The grammar checker is very useful to check the content and it is strongly advised to use this tool. The Grammar checker highlights phrases or words and also reveals the potential errors. It also offers suggestion for the highlighted errors.

 Domain Authority checker

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The relevance and strength of your site for a particular subject or industry is best checked using a domain authority checker. This is a SEO small tool predicting on SERPs your website rank.

 Image Compression Tool

It is absolutely simple to use this tool and it helps in optimizing the image size without quality compromise. The only thing to be done is to upload the picture and to watch the magic unfold.