Promote organic traffic for large eCommerce sites

Have you encountered SEO issues with your eCommerce sites? Thankfully, a few fixes do have an impact on search traffic eliminating the need to invest in paid ads or earn new links.

Before you plan to invest your budget in link building, content, and paid search, you can focus on putting the process in place so that it keeps your site optimized for search. There are technical ways to optimize the SEO site and a few important and helpful ones are:

1. Optimizing long tail keywords

An opportunity that the eCommerce site misses frequently is the long tail keywords optimizing for product pages, category, and subcategory. The long tail keywords are rare keywords that earns traffic in isolation and do make the search engine traffic in bulk as aggregate.

 The possible long phrases relating to your business dwarf the searches amounting to the short keyword. You can easily pick up more traffic that targets the long tail phrases with the pages and it is possible to chase a phrase. Using dynamic rules create Meta descriptions and titles to capture opportunities.

2. Product pages redirection Out-of-stock

A huge site featuring product pages in thousands may certainly have products also running out of stock. In fact, this may take many site owners to pull the pages down. The issue may damage your performance creating a 404 page in the search results. This happens because the Page Rank sent previously by back-links to the page vanishes.

 Use a crawler to identify the links on your site pointing 404 pages. You should use in the Google Search the Crawl Errors Report Console so that you identify the 404 pages based on the links from other sites.

 Redirect the url to another relevant page containing similar keywords or the category with a subcategory page that is regarded as a step up to the hierarchy folder. In case a product is out of stock temporarily, there is no need to sue a 301 as permanent redirect. Instead use a 302 redirect telling Google that the page of out of stock should appear in the index.

 Additionally, if the page does not return, the links appearing on your site should take to the redirected updated page so that the new page link is reached or else remove the links. once a link takes through a redirect, it goes through the damping Google factor, reducing the link carried by the PageRank.