Know the Drones regulations, it is mandatory

Do you own a drone, or is it that you are planning to get one? You must know the outdoor flying FAA rules. There are Federal Aviation Administration rules and regulations to fly in the US, the drones. It also means you must be aware of the rights.

 Flying for Fun vs. Money

Using drone may be interesting, but it is important to determine the way you will use it. The need for knowing how you wish to fly your drone is important so that the requirements are less strict. In case you have plans to earn money using your UAV, it is mandatory to pass FAA test and also to receive the certification of Part 107.

 Once the certification is complete, you may use your drone to capture video and aerial images so that the stock imagery is sold, grab aerial imagery for real estate or weddings, work on film productions, etc, sky is the limit.

 For most others, flying may be for fun so that one shares the images and videos with family and friends, yet there are a set of rules applicable.

 Drone Registration

The registration for drone is mandatory even for recreational pilots. This requirement once fulfilled follows with another legal proceedings round for the US recreational pilots so that they spend with the FAA to get registered with $5 before outdoor flying.

 There is a need to know that not all the quadcopters available in the market needs registration. In case the toy weighs below 8.8 ounces that is 250g, there is no need of undergoing any process. At the same time you also cannot register a drone weighing more than 55 pounds online through the portal. That is insignificant and considered trivial for consumers as nothing is heavy. However, in case you are working with any aircraft, you must submit registration application.

 Know the Rules

Apart from aircraft registering, there is a need to adhere to the sky rules and the basic rules are:

·        Fly below or at 400 feet

·        Never fly near airports or near other aircraft

·        Never fly over sports events or stadiums

·        Never fly over people groups

·        Never fly under the influence

·        Never fly near emergency response efforts

·        Keep the drone within visible distance, in sight

·        Understand and be conscious of airspace requirements

A lot here deals with simple common sense and following to the FAA rules.