Various SEO types prevailing

There are several SEO techniques types that are adopted all over the world by marketers. It is an attempt to create online presence. The SEO major types help in classifying the SEO practices and it is undertaken as On-page and Off-page SEO.

  On-page SEO:

This refers to activities carried out to be published. The tasks help in optimizing a page given such that it appears on the search engine result pages as top ranking.

 The On-page SEO activities basically include infusing the right quantity keywords, Meta description, meta tags, inserting internal links, building a URL customized structure, inserting alt attributes, taking care of the SEO image and providing with quality content.

  Off-page SEO:

It refers to activities performed on a page once it is live on the web. These activities may include the off-page SEO to build engagement, giving star ratings, liking the social media post, answering queries of target consumers as a part of the off-page SEO.

 On-page SEO techniques

Backlinks: Giving backlinks to genuine sites means the site authority increases. A backlink refers to the site source to offer particular information. A backlink to the site offers higher ranking in the search engine enables you to have credibility to better level as per the algorithm of Google and the SEO is also WordPress .

 If you give backlinks to authoritative site, you can convince them to give a backlink to your site. This action that is reciprocate does wonders for the site traffic.

 Infusing Keywords: You may know that infusing keywords is important and should be done in priority. There are subcategories such as primary and secondary keywords. Both categories are based as per the priority. In fact, the primary keywords appear in a content of 1500-2000 words around 8-15 times and the secondary keywords occur appear just once in the content.

 The spiders in the Google crawl through the keywords and if it is infused in the content accordingly, Google understand the content better.

 Meta Description, Meta Tags, Alt Attributes: The Meta description, the meta tags, and alt attributes are important on-page SEO. These tags comprise the secondary keywords and help Google in reading the content, besides it allows the search engine to read the content context. The Meta description appears on the text on the search engine result with the title.

  SEO Yoast for WordPress: The SEO Yoast offers key elements to optimize the blog such that it is in a notable position in the SERP.