The fundamentals of good web designers

Web design is a science and art form. In fact, half the job is dependent on the design know-how and sound coding. At the same time, the other half is based completely on having an intuitive sense of that looks good and the one that doesn’t. Thus a web designer develops a strong fundamentals core such that he is outstanding even in a pack.

The fundamentals of good web designers are to reach the sublime levels, though they do not involve computer or technical know-how.

Be familiar with the design process

Web design overlaps the graphic design and brings the school of design close. Thus, it is a smart idea for the web designers to learn the basics in general at the design process and this includes considering the following principles such as:

·        Color. This is the web design heart as it helps in establishing the motif and theme of any design that is effective. It works on the psychology where colors influence a site and user experience.

·        Flow: This offers reference to the visual movement as a visitor visits your site and experiences it. Flow includes using proper hierarchy of color, depth, lines and shapes. The tools include spacing, perspective, and facial direction.

·        Proportion and Balance. This refers to equilibrium and stability. It is possible to get proportion symmetrically and asymmetrically. This is normally used to denote important elements and to better the flow of information.

·        Spacing. This is straightforward and relates from one element to other. The website offers great user experience and is well-spaced. The space needs to be generous for the elements to breathe and you can ascertain good readability as an act of balancing.

 Know HTML thoroughly

Knowing HTML refers to coding. The designers think it is alright to know the code while others are strict about knowing the way to code as mandatory to be known as a web designer. A well rounded designer, even at a minimum level is expected to know the HTML basics.

 HTML is the basic of all web pages and a designer must be knowledgeable. A designer can design with attention and purpose than ever before to usability. If you are aware of the basic code, you may create demo sites designed, so that you sell your services in a better way in comparison to other designers who do not know coding. Thus, you present a better grasp of your design abilities limits and scope.