Artificial Intelligence – How is It Benefiting Workplaces?

Artificial Intelligence or AI has started to enter corporate organizations and workplaces. Startups these days are implementing this new technology to save time, boost work efficiency and reduce manpower. It can generate insights and also offer virtual and remote assistance. Know a few ways by which AI is expected to benefit workplaces.

Safeguarding sensitive information

With Artificial Intelligence, the scope of human error can be eliminated. This can boost the quality of output in organizations, and make cyber security much stronger.

Quicker and more confident decision-making

In case anything goes wrong with your industry’s manufacturing plant, most of your workers are likely to be clueless on what should be fixed first. However, AI can make the job easier. It can assist your maintenance team in taking a decision on what should first be attended to. AI would help automate and line up the processes of decision making for the entire maintenance team.

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Accessing Big Data insights

AI has the capacity to know and understand various Big Data patterns that cannot be recognized by humans. This makes it exciting to implement in the workplace.

Improving productivity

Once AI is deployed, there is a major difference observed in employees’ roles. There is more attention given on the implementation and management of strategic initiatives. Analytical tools, at the same time, automate as well as scale data to allow better decision-making.

Creating new jobs related to technology

Studies show that in the last few years there has been a rise in demand for employees having AI skills. There is a shortage of employment seekers who can satisfy that demand, which makes AI skills much more valuable for workers who possess the same.

Reducing workload

Machine learning can be used to reduce workload. When employees enable automation to carry out their critical mission tasks, they can free time up for other important tasks. A report in Digital Ocean suggests that 26% developers are implementing tools based on AI in their work processes. Around 81% are eager to get informed about automation tools.

Can prevent injuries in the workplace

Studies reveal that many damage risks can be reduced with the implementation of automation in the workplace. The same research also revealed that about 5,190 employees died in 2016 due to injuries in the workplace. Automation of around 14% can save as many lives as 3,500 annually by 2030-end. In the coming times, AI will take on many of the risky jobs of humans.