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Have you heard of Organic SEO? It sounds like an obscure, cryptic way of optimizing web pages - but you may well have already been practicing it for your clients or your own website without even realizing. Organic SEO is a means of attaining high rankings for your targeted search terms on a number of search engines without having to pay for the placements (as with the adverts you typically find at the top right of a Google search).

Organic results emerge from the content, links and descriptions that Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and other modern search engine tools automatically rank and list according to the algorithms they use. This is where every business aspires to appear – and preferably on the first page, as most web users tend not to venture any further. NJ Technology can help your business get to the first page, providing monthly status reports to track your progress.



To kick things off, we run an in-depth analysis of your website. When we’ve figured out which parts of the site need improvement, we’ll put together an in-depth Audit Report for you. Our objective is to initiate a process that effectively communicates your keywords with the major search engines. The end goal is to boost conversions – not just the number of clients visiting your website, but also the number of sales and repeat customers. That’s where working with NJ Technology truly pays off.


The term ‘on-page optimization’ describes refinements made to your website involving content, pictures, meta titles and meta descriptions. ‘Off-page optimization’ describes improvements made away from your website – including blog articles, social media posts, introducer videos and other film and animation-related production. NJ Technology’s role is to organize your keywords so that the algorithm of the search engines favors your website and consequently elevates your rankings. We work closely on both on and off page activities to boost your results and your bottom line.

What people say?

This is the only place I would trust with my I.T. work for my business or personal. Steve does an amazing job and is on top of things. He is one of the most honest people I have ever met and his business is ran flawlessly. My business never has a hiccup because he keeps me going. Thank you Steve and Steve Singer Technologies for all the awesome work

Matthew Verde

What people say?

I am so incredibly thankful for Steven, I dreaded the thought of taking my computer somewhere, figured it would cost me a ton. He was helpful, he didn't charge me anything ridiculous, and he communicated with me the whole time. I use my computer for work and time was very important to me. I won't ever take my computer anywhere else. Thank you again!

Beth Salvo

What people say?

Steven is the consummate professional. His blend of product knowledge, customer service, and professionalism put him on a level way above his competition. I wouldn't look anywhere else for any of my IT needs.

Dave Nelson

What people say?

Great support!
Steve is very personal, will make sure you know what you need and wont try to sell you on anything you don't need. He has been helping me with all my I.T. work for years and has mad everything run smoothly.
I wouldn't call anyone else! Thanks again Steve!

Michael Brown

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